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Wild Bird Seed Mixes

Landmark Mixes

Songbird Mix
A low-priced all-purpose mix to attract most birds to your feeder. Sunflower seed (black oil and striped), cracked corn, white millet, milo, wheat and oat groats

Gourmet Mix
Similar to our Songbird Mix, but with more sunflower. Gourmet has become one of our most popular mixes. Striped Sunflower, cracked corn, black oil sunflower, white millet, milo, wheat and oat groats

Cardinal Mix
One of our best! Cardinal Mix will attract all seed eating birds, especially cardinals. This mix has sunflower seeds, both black and striped, cracked corn, white millet, sunflower hearts, safflower, oat groats, canary seed, red millet, nyger seed and nut meats.

No Waste Winter Mix
Use this super mix during the winter and you won't have a mess under your feeder in the spring. This mix has absolutely no shells - it's 100% edible. We make this mix only in the cooler months.  Sunflower chips, white millet, peanut hearts, cracked corn, red millet,
canary seed, wheat, safflower, milo, fine oyster shell, grit, flax and rape seed.

No Nonsense Mixes

In developing our no nonsense mixes, our goal was to use only the most popular seeds in this area. Though cost was not a major consideration, the resulting three mixes are surprisingly inexpensive. All three are very well received and are great for attracting cardinals.

No Nonsense Corn & Millet
A popular mix with loads of sunflower, both black oil and striped.  We've added just the right amount of corn, millet and safflower.

No Nonsense No Millet
There is probably more controversy over millet than any other bird seed. Although millet is well liked by most birds, there are quite a few birders who are not convinced. They've asked for a mixed without millet. This mix is for them. 60% Sunflower, black oil and striped, with cracked corn and safflower.

No Nonsense No Corn
Likewise, many of our customers have asked for a mix without corn.  The mix has 60% sunflower, black oil and striped, white millet and safflower.


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